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Once in a lifetime – the ups and downs of a life in Academia

Dr. Hendrik Huthoff is the Head of Education at the Jena School from Microbial Communication where he is responsible for the training program of doctoral and post-doctoral researchers after an active research career in virology. During his talk he will describe his personal academic journey spanning four different countries, overcoming mental illness, recognising a toxic working environment, attaining a group leader position, getting funded, not getting funded and transitioning to science management. He will present pitfalls to avoid and tips to help make your career and work-life balance the best it can be!

Join us on November 26th for the 10th IMS international Seminar Series hosting Dr.Hendrik Huthoff “Once in a time- The ups and downs of a life in Academia”
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Feb 25 2022


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm